7 Tips for a Successful Office Move

Moving your business can be a stressful and complicated task that leaves many lost in translation. Planning a strategic move can make all the difference between a costly downtime and a smooth move with little to no hours lost during operation. If you are planning your office move, we’ve got some tips for you.

Here are the top seven tips for a successful office move.

Plan All the Details

Before you scout for the next location, it is important to decide on the apparent reasons for the move and what the primary goal is. During this stage, you should ask yourself, where you want to relocate, how much space does your business need, and when do your current lease end? Plan the move as early as possible as many companies actually take as long as two years to plan and complete the moving task.

Assign a Manager for the Project

Assign the best project manager to focus and organize on the move. The more people are involved, the higher the risk of error due to the lapse in communication will cause damage. An ideal project manager should be trusted by management and have the ability to multi-task with excellent organization skills.

Hire the Professionals

When relocating your business, hiring a professional removal company will be a great investment that will save you the hassle of losing down time during work hours. Allow the professional movers to guide you through the stages of relocation to help take out the stress of the process. Another thing you must ensure is that the moving company you hire provides insurance. Keep a copy of the contract to be safe.

Schedule Your Move Accordingly

Check with the buildings you are moving in and out. A majority of the move will be likely done after business hours as more buildings will not allow moves during busy hours. Consider night time and over the weekend.

Create Your Floor Plan

It is important to prepare your floor plan for your new office and avoid any unnecessary issues that you may deal with on moving day. This will ensure that you have considered the ideal amount of furniture. Assign members to do certain tasks to tell them to head to the new office and unpack their belongings.

Keep your team updated on the tasks

Make sure to keep your employees up to date with all the latest moving plans and schedules as well as emphasize the benefits of the move. Talking to your staff about the move will allow you to provide legal notice to your employees and prepare them as soon as possible.

You can use some methods that include team briefings, meetings and more. These tasks will ensure that the team is involved and can voice their questions or concerns.

Install all cabling before moving in

Make sure that all data and networking is correctly installed before your moving company proceeds with the move. Ensuring that the network, phones and power works will help get rid of stress and keep your business moving forward.

Got any more tips for a successful business move? Comment below and share them with us!